Oliver Huntemann – Schwarzlicht & Filmriss

 Direct yet sophisticated, brutal yet refined, physical yet cerebral: opposites collide to perfection on this latest transmission from one of Hamburg’s finest exports and a bona fide techno legend – Oliver Huntemann. Here, he returns to his very own Senso imprint with two massive tracks aimed firmly at the floor. 

The airy feel of ‚Schwarzlicht‘ with its simple kick-less beat and intricate, textured woodblocks gives way to an imposing, thorax-rattling low end that’s felt as much as heard. Precision-engineered for a big system, the pitch-bent bass twists around itself like a contortionist in chains, while above, brittle piercing stabs pulse and ping.

On the flipside, the slamming kick and buzzing repetitions of ‚Filmriss‘ cast a dark, edgy vibe. A pitched-up pulse – as if a string is being slowly tightened to breaking point – makes way for a monstrous sub bass. Deeply accomplished, these tracks are ample testimony to Huntemann’s two-decade stint at techno’s cutting edge.

01. Schwarzlicht
02. Filmriss

Releasedate: 29.06.2015
Label: Senso Sounds
Cat. Nr. : senso011
Contact: kontakt@senso-sounds.net