Hidden Empire – Caterpillar

Hidden Empire is the brainchild of Branko Novakovic and Niklas Schäfers, who describe their musical vision as an ‚impulsive, deeply moving soundscape, using the very essential and deepest elements of House and Techno‘. Having dropped vital releases on the likes of Stil Vor Talent and Suara in the past couple of years, the boys now release Caterpillar – four tracks of sleek, purposeful techno on Oliver Huntemann’s ever dependable Senso Sounds label.

Lead track ‚Caterpillar‘ is a lean, focussed and deadly example of their craft – synths are laser guided, while the rhythm is pulsating and hypnotic. Similarly, ‚Jack Haze‘ cuts away all the excess and hones in on a purity of purpose – slick beats and urgent percussion make this a standout cut. ‚20000V‘ is cut from the same cloth, a dance floor-ready destroyer with tonnes of kinetic energy and perfectly pitched dramatic tension. Lastly, ‚Tribute‘ completes the quartet – deep vibes and a wonky off kilter synthline add to the sense of euphoria.

01. Caterpillar
02. Jack Haze
03. 20000V
04. Tribute

Releasedate: 12.04.2019
Label: Senso Sounds
Cat. Nr. : senso049
Contact: kontakt@senso-sounds.net