Hatzler – Antidote

In 1995, Mathias Hatting made his first appearance on Oliver Huntemann’s Confused Recordings under the Motion Unit moniker. Two decades on, his powers show no sign of abating as he returns to Huntemann’s Senso Sounds label for three intense techno cuts that are fitting testimony to 20 years of expertise in sound design and soundtrack composing.

The aptly titled „Venom“ kicks things off, a hypnotic, reverberating, machine music bomb that gradually expands into the space around you until it envelops every synapse and nerve. Its counterpart „Antidote“ is deep and rubbery, bedecked with glitchy crackles and a ping-ponging riff. Subtly wrought changes make it an ever-evolving, utterly immersive journey.

Last but not least, „Kammerflimmern“ explores very different territory, removing the kick drum to create a postapocalyptic landscape of robot drones and percussive fluttering. Building to a pay-off that never comes, nebulous bass clouds briefly blossom then recede – a delicious exercise in restraint that will leave you wanting more.

01. Venom
02. Antidote
03. Kammerflimmern

Releasedate: 02.03.2015 (digital)
Label: Senso Sounds
Cat. Nr. : senso010
Contact: kontakt@senso-sounds.net