Florian Gasperini & Marcan – Perception

 Senso Sounds‘ reputation for deep, crisp and highly nuanced tech-house continues to grow apace with its sixth release, a collaboration between Florian Gasperini and Marcan: veterans of the vibrant coastal scene that stretches from Montpellier to Barcelona.

From its opening notes, it’s clear that the Perception EP is the product of sensibilities honed in the DJ booth. The triplet bass pulse and precision tooled kick of „Blanc“ take you on a journey from soundtrack atmospherics to heads-down hypnotism to an irresistible, hands-in-the-air climax. „Bleue“ employs more kinetic percussion and a sustained bassy throb to create a rich, dark and deeply bewitching groove. 

Gasperini – well known for Richie Hawtin favourite „Trago“ – brings impeccable attention to detail in every aspect of the production. Carefully chosen samples echo and reverberate in the mix; effects are layered or sweep through the stereo field to work subliminal magic. Both tracks demonstrate the collaborators‘ innate understanding of the dancefloor, building tension and release and moving both body and mind. Technically accomplished but never showy, less, in this instance, is most definitely more.

01. Blanc
02. Bleue

Releasedate: 22.09.2014 (digital only)
Label: Senso Sounds
Cat. Nr. : senso006
Contact: kontakt@senso-sounds.net