Dubspeeka – Fargo

Bristol has long been known for its deep love of everything dubwise, from reggae through to the flourishing bass scene the city is now synonymous with. Hailing from this melting pot, dubspeeka continues the tradition with 3 heavy cuts that effortlessly blend speaker punishing subs with the driving, crisp techno that Oliver Huntemann’s new Senso label is becoming known for.

First up is Move – the title an unavoidable directive seemingly emitted from the propulsive groove. The track oozes menace and tension -its heads-down attitude will go over big on harder-edged dance floors. Likewise, title track Fargo is relentless in its mission – the tough bottom end and tight groove is offset by some surprisingly subtle pads – but the result remains a hypnotic bruiser of a cut.

Spiral Tribe, named after the legendary free party warriors of the 90s, completes the release. Every bit as at home in a dark warehouse as a outdoor rave, dubspeeka seems to be flying the flag for true tough-as-nails party music – and long may it continue.

1. Move
2. Fargo
3. Spiral Tribe
4. Fargo (Alternative Version)

12″ / digital EP
Releasedate: 11.08.2014
Label: Senso Sounds
Cat. Nr. : senso002
Contact: kontakt@senso-sounds.net