Carlo Ruetz – Behind The Scene

Back with another superb release on Senso Sounds – Carlo Ruetz, the man from Rostock, Germany, drops his new 3 track EP ‚Behind the Scene‘. Having made a splash back in 2013 with his album ‚Breakthrough‘, Carlo has been refining and honing his craft ever since, but retains the elements that turned the ears of the entire techno scene with each new production. Kicking off this EP ‚Believers‘ is a bubbling, acidic workout, keeping its immense energy just under control before finally unleashing its potential. ‚Legends‘ is a darker affair, with tight percussion providing the skittering rhythm from which to hang the brooding bass pulses. ‚Religions‘ is similarly robust – a hard, driving groove, offering the perfect host conditions for jacking percussion and tense, sharp synth stabs that fittingly rounds off this sublime EP.

01. Believers
02. Legends
03. Religions

Releasedate: 11.010.2019
Label: Senso Sounds
Cat. Nr. : senso054