Andreas Henneberg – Slyly

 Oliver Huntemann’s Senso Sounds label plays host to Berlin legend Andreas Henneberg for three tech-house cuts for the witching hour, including the floor-smashing „Movember“ and the hypnotic, slow-building groove of title track „Slyly“. 

All three tracks are subtle but direct, intense on headphones and devastating on the dancefloor, precision-tooled for any DJ worth his salt. 

The rubbery groove of the title track demonstrates the technical mastery of a producer that has put his name to over 140 releases. Saturated with ear-fizzing details and underpinned by a buoyant bass groove, it’s a cut crying out for a massive system. 

The crisp kick, foghorn stabs and circling bass of „Movember“ build to a virtuoso climax – testimony to Henneberg’s extensive experience in both the DJ booth and the studio. „Caption“ rounds off a fine release for the Voltage Musique Records founder, flashing you its snake eyes to hypnotic effect, with scything repetitions that demand complete submission to the rhythm.

01. Slyly
02. Movember
03. Caption

 Releasedate: 01.12.2014 (digital only)
Label: Senso Sounds
Cat. Nr. : senso008